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Intellectual Property

PureDepth® Takes Visual Displays to New Dimensions

Founded in 1999 PureDepth® holds rights to over 120 granted and pending patents covering the whole area of Multi-Layer Displays, including embodiments and improvements. The IP portfolio of PureDepth® is the strongest and most extensive on Multi-layer Displays and includes a comprehensive Software platform traversing both pre-rendered and live content, a patent-applied for Mobile capability, and numerous aspects of multi-layer effects and capabilities whether deployed on multi or single layer displays.

With its patents covering the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and smaller markets worldwide, PureDepth® has established itself as an innovator in the 3-D and visualization space. Since its inception, the company has maintained a rigorous intellectual property strategy, developing an extensive portfolio of patented technologies, including its trademark MLD® technology. As PureDepth® continues to expand its product development and licensing strategies, a broader range of platforms will be available to meet the consumers demands in mobile, public display, gaming and other visual displays - a new dimension in visualization.

IP Diagram

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