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Technology Applications

The MLD® Platform can be implemented on any size display product and is fully scalable from mobile to large form factor. The commercial launches of products through our partners include the sizes of 12.1”, 15”, 20”, 20.1”and 22”.

MLD® technology is a tried and proven way of delivering the safest and best quality 3D with product launches from PureDepth’s licensees. The in-market Casino, Pachinko and Pachislot gaming machines use the optics component of the MLD® Platform and custom content built with our development environment. With only this subset of the full Platform capability, MLD® technology is currently the dominant 3-D technology in the US Casino and the Japanese Pachinko and Pachislot markets. In these market applications it is critical for the games to have an attractive WOW factor, be glasses-free while at the same time having no compromise to the players comfort with sweet spots, headaches, nausea, as they are viewing the game display for extended periods of time. MLD technology provides a powerful solution by delivering the WOW factor without glasses, with no headaches or nausea, at full resolution, with no sweet spot or cross talk. As there is no other 3D technology that comes close to this, MLD technology is the dominant 3D technology in the Casino and Pachinko / Pachislot markets.

With regard to small/mobile devices, as the MLD® platform uses real depth coupled with it’s imaging technology, it is distinctly different to the traditional stereoscopic 3D technology - directing a different image to each eye. While glasses with this approach may be acceptable in movie cinemas and home theaters, they are not for small mobile devices. The existing autostereoscopic technologies are severely limited solutions to deliver 3D content on small mobile devices (phones, PMP, in-car displays etc). The key technologies to deliver glasses-free 3D are parallax barrier, lenticular lens, directional backlight, and volumetric displays. The MLD® Platform is the only technology in this group that can deliver all of: 3D, full resolution, no sweet spot, no fatigue or negative side effects and the ability to handle all content worlds, and is poised for adoption in the Mobile Market.

Mobile Real-time 3D Gaming

3D has been held back in the past due to some fundamental issues with the stereoscopic technology and accessibility. Firstly, the need for wearing glasses and the headaches, fatigue and nausea associated with the 3D experience have been hindering for general acceptance of 3D. The perceived lack of 3D content has been another hurdle for 3D. Additionally, 3D technology has not been packaged in a form allowing for mass adoption and acceptance with everyday experiences.

We believe that the solutions to these issues above lie within the intersection of Mobile, 3D, and Gaming and the MLD® Platform is poised for adoption along these lines. The MLD® Platform can deliver a 3D experience for existing games in real-time. We believe that the intersection of 3D, Mobile and Gaming is a slam dunk as existing 3D games remain the largest pool of content for 3D today, mobile devices are a far reaching and accessible vehicle to deliver the experience to the masses and MLD® is able to deliver 3D with glasses free, full resolution, no sweet spot or cross talk and no headaches and nausea.

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