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About Us

Founded in 1999, PureDepth® Patented MLD® (Multi Layer Display) technology platform uses multiple 2D image planes arranged in an optical stack with an interstitial component to eliminate moiré interference, COUPLED with smart imaging, optical and software technology with REAL DEPTH to deliver the highest quality 2D and 3D experience. Our Platform is compatible with ALL EXISTING CONTENT SOURCES, as well as allowing for custom content when needed. The 3D experience is delivered with: NO glasses, NO headaches, NO eye strain/fatigue, NO sweet spots, NO cross Talk, but with FULL RESOLUTION on a wide range of display types. MLD® technology also supports traditional stereoscopic 3-D and enhances two-dimensional content with incredible color and contrast.

PureDepth® licenses its technology to bring cutting-edge visual display products to market. The company’s technology can be used to enhance an array of advanced electronic displays, including automotive, mobile devices, casino games, amusement games, public information displays and more.

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